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  • 状态:HD
  • 类型:生活
  • 主演:Carlos Iglesias Javier Gutiérrez
  • 年代:2006
  • 地区:西班牙

简介:1960年的西班牙,马丁和马可斯决定去瑞士讨生活,他们告别家人踏上旅途,在当时自由进步的欧洲寻找自己的新生活。二人定居在瑞士一座工业小镇,一边在厂里做机械工,一边在适应着当地陌生的思维模式和生活方式。马丁的妻子比拉尔,儿子巴普洛和马可斯的女友玛丽亚卡门的到来打断了二人在这个自由国度的生活。马丁和比拉尔的日常生活就是工作,小巴普洛则开始上学并把这个地方作为新家。当马丁的父亲去世时,他们意识到为什么会来到这里,而且是时候回家了。出乎他们的意料,回家比离家更加困难。 Spain, 1960. Two friends named Martin and Marcos decide to look for jobs in Switzerland. They leave their families behind in Spain and head off on their journey to the free, progressive part of Europe. They will have adapt to very different way of life there, working as mechanics at a factory and living in a small industrial town. The arrival of Martin′s wife Pilar and son Pablo, and Marcos′girlfriend Maria del Carmen, marks the end of the bachelor life they were living in a country with lost of freedom. Martin and Pilar′s everyday life is their work, while little Pablo starts going to school and making the new place his home. When Martin′s father dies, they realize theyve already go what they went there for and it′s time to return. Much to their susprise, going home is much harder than leaving was.


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